Fundraising is a big element in how the Club runs

Because all the resource, capital and core costs of the Club have to be met through generated income and through external funding sources from a range of charitable organisations and grant making Trusts, applications for such funding have to be made on an ongoing basis, and regular fundraising events have to be organised and managed.

Priorities for the future

Our Club is the only organisation of its kind in Lancaster and its autonomy and standing in the community means we can respond pro-actively to emerging community needs and to the wider agendas of tackling health inequalities, risk-taking behaviour and social inclusion. We aim to use future fundraising to help us:

  • Develop youth programmes into expressive and performing arts
  • Develop sport and fitness programmes to support Young people
  • Maximise the use of the facilities by working with partners
  • Work closely with University of Cumbria to support student placements and use the same to promote research into new and innovative ways of working with marginalised and hard to reach young people and other community groups.

To achieve all this, the club needs to be able to build its capacity to significantly increase its earned income and work towards self-sustainability enabling it to play a major role in meeting the needs of the local community in the 21st century through the provision of more creative and innovative solutions to wider social issues.

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