News : Garfield Weston 6 Month report

Please see below and attached the Garfield Weston 6 Month report.....


SIX MONTH REPORT: April to September 2017

MAP: Monday activity program

Through these sessions we have been continuing to do issue base work with young people such as informal education around drugs, relationships as well as activities that the builds up team work and self-esteem for example the cube game from LABGC where they have to work together in order for them to receive a prize they have recently done this again after they failed the first time. Also within this diverse session they have done archery as well as quizzes and mini tournaments

Senior youth club

We continue to try to listen to the young people and what they want to do as well as trying different activities in this session. They really enjoy the badminton at present and are really keen to try new activities apart from the normal football, pool and table tennis. The senior trips have include a trip to pleasure beach and over the summer the young people have joined in district competitions such as football and pool


The average attendance of this session at present is about 40 and over the summer where numbers previous tend to be poor have stayed good all holidays. Before the summer the young people went on a trip Gulliverís world and they have had activities come in such as soft archery and pillow bashing which they really enjoy. The session is very diverse from art, music, cooking and sports. 

FNC Friday night club

We have seen over the last 6 months an increase to number in the 40s in each session. The attendance of females have increased in this sessions as we provide more diverse activities.  The young people are all over the district especially from areas of deprivation that include the Marsh, Ridge and West end of Morecambe (where we supply transport). They enjoy to chill and relax as well as playing pool, table tennis, music, football and listening to music.

 Saturday sports

A well-established programme with around 25 young people attending on a regular basis. They continue to do a variety of sports dodgeball, football, cricket as well as have regular competitions in pool. This session is attended by a diverse cross section of the community as it main session that Asian young people can engage in due to religious commitments through the week. 


Started back in September the numbers have increased from the summer closing and the number of enquiries have again grown from young people interested in increasing fitness as well as number referrals in young people with behaviour issues in school


With the school going back we plan to do more outreach especially to promote senior session of Monday and Tuesday nights. We also plan to have a new website done and promotion of the club throughout the area. To develop and find funding for our Sunday support group for its second year to support those with special educational needs.

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