News : February 1/2 Term Week 2018

February Half Term Week Activities – 12th to 16th February 2018


In February half terms, we organised a week long programme of activities and trips with young people from both Lancaster Boys and Girls Club and Stanley’s Youth and Community Centre run by CEEP.

After consulting with the young people they came up with a full and exciting week from team challenges to various sports such as archery, climbing and swimming as well as visiting White Scar Caves at Ingleton.

The young people were aged from 11 to 16 years and came from two youth clubs in the two adjoining towns.   This week enabled the young people to acknowledge their differences and break down various regional barriers and social norms to enjoy and participate in the weekly programme.

Some of the young people came every day where others had the opportunity to decide which activities they wanted to access and enjoy. 

The programme of activities gave these young people purpose for their week off and for some they shared that they had never had never been nor tried the various activities before such as experiencing White Scar Caves or Ice Skating before.

The Programme of Activities and Trips

Monday – White Scar Caves; this was a very fun and informative trip where young people learnt the history and geography of a cave even though it was very cold.

Tuesday – Blackburn Ice Skating; after a successful trip  with Lancaster Boys and Girls Club the other month this one trip that young people were immediately asking for again.

Wednesday – Salt Ayre swimming and climbing; the young people got a chance to use the climbing walls at Salt Ayre and some of the young people were commented how fast they were and showed really skill.

Thursday – Sports to go which included Archery and Team Building Challenges with Lancashire Boys and Girls Club; A good day of challenges which brought people together and developed people team building skills even when the challenges where too challenging for the group.

Friday – Sandcastle at Blackpool. Young people really enjoyed this experience and spent several hours going on all the water slides and attractions. It was a fabulous way of ending the week and really brought a positive vibe to the group

Beth said “I have enjoyed every single thing of it” (aged 13)

Kieran said “If I had stayed at home I would have been on my Xbox all week” (aged 11)

Mal remarked that “he enjoyed being with his friends all week” (aged 13)

One of the mothers quoted:

Just want to say a massive thanks to all the leaders at Lancaster Boys and Girls club for providing great trips last week all do a great job

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